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Autumn Lecture Series: Mid Century Modern

21/10/2021 – 25/11/2021



Thursday 21 October 2021 6.30pm Autumn Lecture Series: Mid Century Modern 1

Elain Harwood will introduce the Mid-Century Modern lecture series and cover the British experience, as revealed in her forthcoming book in the C20 Batsford series, Mid-Century Britain: Modern Architecture 1938-1963.

Thursday 28 October 2021 6.30 pm Online Autumn Lecture Series: Mid-Century Modern  2 - Lina Bo Bardi

Geraint Franklin will give an introduction to Brazil’s architecture of 30 key works by 30 twentieth century designers such as Niemeyer, Costa and Bardi as well lesser-known fascinating figures such as Lelé, Vilanova Artigas and Chu Ming.

Barry Bergdoll will discuss the Italian/Brazilian architect Lina Bo Bardi (1914-1992), who is now one of the most famous women architects of the twentieth century.

Thursday 4 November 2021 6.30 pm Autumn Lecture Series: Mid-Century Modern 3 - Balkrishna Doshi 

Manon Mollard will reveal the long career of the first Indian Pritzker Prize-winning architect Balkrishna Doshi (b.1927) who both worked under Le Corbusier in Paris and Ahmedabad, where he also collaborated with Louis Kahn on the Indian Institute of Management before launching his independent career, that included educational buildings and low-cost housing.

Thursday 11th November 2021 6.30 pm Autumn Lecture Series: Mid-Century Modern 4 - Strasbourg

Wolfgang Voigt, will look at the city of Strasbourg which oscillated between France and Germany during the twentieth-century, with German architects picking up French influence and Alsatians trying to find their own identity – ‘an interesting mess’ as Wolfgang describes it. An appropriate subject perhaps for Remembrance Day.

Thursday 18 November 2021 6.30pm Autumn Lecture Series: Mid-Century Modern 5 - West Africa Builds

Ola Uduku, will talk about West Africa Builds ...mid-century modernism in Africa.  The work of London-based practices in Ghana and Nigeria specializing in schools and colleges, gave way to the growth of locally nurtured talent.

Thursday 25th November 2021 6.30 Autumn Lecture Series: Mid-Century Modern 6 - Post-War Australia

Philip Goad will talk about the highly talented group of architects in post-war Australia, and particularly the internationally-known critic and designer, Robin Boyd (1919-1971) ‘arguably the most influential architect there has ever been in Australia.’